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What is Cocktail Series? 

The Cocktail Series (in Japanese カクテルシリーズ) is a fountain pen series from Sailor that started in 2011. The collection focus on introduce mixing colors which is inspired by the color of various alcoholic beverages. The first model was released on 2011 with the name Asian Way. Until now, 8 models was released each year with limited quantity. The quantity of Cocktail Series model has been increasing year by year along with the extend of the popularity of this collection. The tenth model which is named Kure Azur will be introduced on September 27th, 2020.

Timeline of Cocktail Series

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#1 Asian Way

  The first model of Cocktail Series was released on 2011 with the name Asian Way. Sailor chose 1911 Profit to make the first Cocktail Pen.

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#2 Mojito

Continuing the success of #1 Asian Way Profit 21, Sailor released #2 Mojito on 2012. Inspired by the image of Hemingway's favorite beverage - Mojito, Sailor made the clear transparent with green on grip, top and bottom for Professional Gear model.

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#3 Black Velvet

 On 2013, the third model was also in Professional Gear shape which is called Black Velvet. This time, the image of a beer cocktail made from black beer and sparkling wine was chosen to be a theme for the third model. 

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#4 Piccadilly Night

The forth model on the series is called Piccadilly Night. It is the first model which isn't named after a beverage. The idea for #4 Cocktail Series is from an image of Piccadilly street in London.

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#5 Old Fashioned

On 2015, the fifth cocktail pen - Old Fashioned was released with 250 pieces worldwide. The whole idea of Old Fashioned pen is inspired from a cocktail which was developed during the 19th century and given its name in the 1880s

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#6 Blue Lagoon

 The sixth model took an image of a popular summer cocktail: Blue Lagoon. For this model, Sailor decided to release 300 pieces worldwide

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#7 Apres Ski

With the success of 6 models of cocktail series, Sailor introduced #7 with the French cocktail: Après-ski (which literally means "after skiing")

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#8 Tequila Sunrise

 The eighth model was a blooming for Cocktail Series. Sailor released #8 with the name Tequila Sunrise. For this model, 1000 pieces was released worldwide. The model is so popular and it is still being discussed in fountain pen related groups.

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#9 Angel's Delight

Following the success of the previous Cocktail series, Sailor released the Angel's Delight- on par with the drink of the same name. It has a translucent cap similar with the 2017 model - Apres Ski and 2018 - Tequila Sunrise, but come with a Transparent Purple body. This pen is very well-loved among fountain pen enthusiasts, just after the Tequila Sunrise.


#10 Kure Azur

On September 2020, marked 10 years of the Cocktail series, Sailor released another fountain pen influenced by another cocktail - Azure. The pen is called Kure Azur, with Kure (located in Hiroshima) being the place where Sailor Co. first started manufacturing their fountain pen, emphasize the mark of 10 years journey.

Only 1800 pieces available.

Nib size: MF (Medium Fine), M (Medium)

View product detail here>>>

And one more thing...

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of the Cocktail Series fountain pen,
Sailor will release a SAILOR Cocktail Series Anniversary Set that includes all ten Sailor Cocktail fountain pens that have been released for the past 10 years.

The pre-order period will be open until August 20th.
For customers who want to pre-order the set, please contact us at info@pensachi.com

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