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Our Story

PenSachi - Write Down Happiness

Sachi (幸) means Happiness in Japanese and the name says it all. Your pen can bring you happiness and we are here to bring you that pen.

All of us at PenSachi love to make you happy by delivering to you the best writing instruments and the most satisfactory writing experience ever.

How we made PenSachi

My name is Ken Katsumoto. I would like to tell you our story which led us to the idea of making PenSachi today. It is all about passion, experience and love when talking about our journey to build up PenSachi. I have come to see writing as an interest, a passion and a dream. Now, writing and writing instruments have become my whole-life-journey. 

My dream is that I could start a business which would make people experience, enjoy and be happy. Thanks to my time in various countries around the world in the past, I was lucky to have friends who also share with me the same interest and passion in writing instruments. They have come all the way to Japan and started this new journey with me. It took us a year for preparation, and in 2014, we officially announced the foundation of PenSachi company.

Through the provision of amazing writing instruments, we believe we can bring happiness to people from all over the world. I have gained happiness thanks to my fountain pens at different stages of my life, and I would like to share with you what I have learned. 

As an inheritor

When I was at my 20s, I had been an amateur freelance writer with a passionate interest in handwriting and fountain pens. This interest was really a treasure I inherited from my grandfather who used to be a practitioner of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy (many young Japanese do not know about it nowadays)

As a collector

I still kept the hobby of writing and collecting fountain pens even after I moved to the West for study in 2000. I found out how lucky I was to be in Japan as it was not that hard to get a fountain pen or brush pen for calligraphy compared to in Europe and America. However, it was such a destiny as I could meet friends there who also share the same interest in writing instruments. It was somehow different in the way we think and practice calligraphy because of national identity; but my fountain pens really earned me good friends.

As a business man

After graduation, I came back to Japan and worked for a company which actually has no relation to my hobby, but it never stopped my interest in handwriting, calligraphy and fountain pens. Hand writing was once some kind of joy and experience to me. Life as a Japanese business man (shakaijin) has taught to me see writing as important skills and manners that I should master for my career.

As a dreamer

I took a chance to visit many corners in Asia for volunteering during 2007-2010 and it was a truly great experience when I could see writing with a totally different view. Far to the Northwest of Vietnam, for many children in Mai Chau or Sa pa, owning a good pen can make them more than happy. For many elderlies who live in remote villages of China, having a good brush pen to practice calligraphy becomes such a fancy wish of their whole life. It may be quite easy for of us to have writing as a daily hobby but for some, it is really a dream.

As a parent

I don’t tell my kids to follow my interest in calligraphy. However, I enjoy buying them a good pen and showing them what handwriting can bring. Writing out on paper with ink boosts everyone's imagination, creativity and passion. It is really fun to see children stretching out their imagination with a pen for the first time. Just that can make a happy day for a parent, I believe.