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Welcome to Pensachi's Annual Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Ready to put your riddle-solving skills to the test? We have prepared a special discount for those who are able to crack the riddle and identify the pen.

Enjoy a 15% DISCOUNT ON THE RIDDLED PENS by using the code


We know you will most probably try it on all our products, but the code will only be applicable to the riddled-pens. 

Let the Riddle Game Begin! 

Who Am I?

Easter Egg Discount

Not only the riddled-pens above are on sale, but find many of our selected items from our store are also on sale! 

Every product in our Easter Egg collection is eligible for the discount. (Automated Discount)


On behalf of Pensachi, we wish you a Happy Easter, may the richest of Joy, Peace, and Blessings accompany you and your loved ones this Easter. 

Have a Restful Easter Weekend !