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SAILOR Limited Edition 1911 Large Realo Demonstrator

Dark Green

What's a 'Realo'?

A 'Realo' fountain pen is a special Sailor pen for its piston-filler mechanism, contradicting from its converter-use counterpart. It comes with a gold accent throughout the pen, with a finishing touch of a small ink window near the barrel, letting you know when it's time for a refill. 
Realo models are well-loved among fountain pen enthusiast for its pleasing aesthetic as well as a larger ink capacity.

What makes this Realo special?

Normal Realo fountain pens would come in solid colors such as black and red, but ours present itself in a transparent dark green color! 
With this see-through barrel, you can now see the ink slushing around your pen not just through the ink window.
Did we also mention that under certain light, they shines with a vibrant hue that will sure grab all the attention in the room!

If you're still eager to know more about the pen, check out our video!