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Happy Easter!
In order to make this year's Easter eggstra special, we offer discounts for a range of products across ALL brands

How can I join this event?
Hunt them down and get 15% discount with the code 

How do  I know what products are eligible for discounts? 
Answer every riddle and unlock a product/ collection that is included in the discounts
Your product will be 15% discounted as soon as you enter the discount code! 
Or if you just want to test your luck, just ignore these questions and add the pens of your choice to see if they apply for this grand discount!

Riddles list

I am colorful and made from Marbly Ebonite material.

Bathe ourselves in the silver and golden crowns, my kin work at the sea. Hear ye, you can see through me.

Our family name starts with K and ends in E. What are we?

I fly planes, and the last digit of my phone number is a 3. Who am I?

I keep within my body, a black, striped feline in a bamboo forest

Unlike monotone stylograph, our body is an embodiment of vivid, multicolored celluloid. What are we?

In big and in small, everywhere our fluid body steps will leave a trail of vibrant color. What are we?

I would use all of my nine lives to hold your pen dear, fur real.

I am dressed in unique patterns of marble. As much of a model I am, I do not wear any hat. A lack of cap, I would call myself so.


Additional to the questions, you can also hunt with your eyes ! 
We have hidden some eggs on a few products from every collection, you can scroll through our collections to sport the eggs! 
These pens have already been highly discounted and all you need to do is to enjoy the pens!

It's going to look like this!

Happy Easter and happy hunting!