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Happy Easter!

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We also have a game for you!!!

Easter draws near, and to spice things up, Pensachi would like to hold a special event - the first in our history!

For the first time, Pensachi would like to hold an Easter Egg hunt, just navigating around the front of our Page, to help you ease up and have some fun during this stressful time.

How to join the hunt, you ask?
It's really simple. We have hidden 4 hidden Easter Eggs throughout our website of our website, each Easter egg holds a different coupons or prizes. So the more you found, the more you'd enjoy this hunt :D

Of course, we would not let you search clueless; so here are the clue for the 4 hidden eggs:

1. Find this egg at the end of the road, you'll see it at the place where you get our news!

2. Go to this place to hunt for great deals, and you shall find what you are looking for.

3.  If you want to seek anything, you will find yourself typing into this box. 

Best of luck, hunters :)

Each code can only applied separately

Campaign ends at 8 PM April 20th (EDT)