PenSachi - Write The Happiness

Sachi (幸) means Happiness in Japanese, and the name says it all. Your pen can create your happiness and we are here to bring you that pen. 

All of us, at PenSachi, love to make you happy by delivering to you the best writing instruments and the most satisfactory writing experience ever.

How we made PenSachi

It is all about passion, experiences and love when talking about out journey to build up PenSachi. 

I would love to tell you my story about writing which led us to the idea of making PenSachi today. You might share with me same experiences that I have been through.

Our Story

I have come to know about writing and love it as an interest, a hobby, a passion, a dream and now it's my whole life journey.

Our Top Priority

At PenSachi, we talk, we share – we become companions.

And our companions' happiness and experiences are what we care the most.